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Termite Prevention in Port St. Lucie, Stuart & the Treasure Coast

No Tents Needed  • $1,000,000 Damage Guarantee

Termite Prevention in Port St. Lucie, Stuart & the Treasure Coast

No Tents Needed • $1,000,000
Damage Guarantee

Termite Prevention

Termite PreventionOne of the most important aspects of termite prevention and treatment is the inspection and identification. It is extremely important to identify what species of termites have infested a structure. Our skilled technicians at Hannan Environmental are thoroughly trained to identify the infesting termite species.

We take pride in our track record. Hannan Environmental Services has treated over 11,000 homes in South Florida in the past 19 years. We currently protect about $6 Billion dollars worth of real estate.

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No Tent Termite Treatment on the Treasure Coast

Tent fumigation uses a deadly gas (sulfuryl flouride) which is pumped into structure with a nearly 100% success rate. The downfall there is zero residual to protect your home from wood destroying insects to re-infest the home. Our process includes an extensive inspection procedure using our termite detection and trained termite specialists. A custom program is created to rid your home of wood destroying insects and residual products are used to prevent re infestation. 

Termidor Termite Treatment 10 Year Pledge for Termite Extermination in Stuart, Palm City, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast.

State-of-the-art molecular technology dramatically improves the transport of the Termidor HE Copack active ingredient into the soil creating an Enhanced Protection Zone. Termidor HE Copack “locks” to the soil around your home where it stays put and stays effective. Termidor HE Copack reduces the need for much of the disruption, digging, and drilling typically required with a liquid termiticide application, resulting in:

  • 77% smaller trenches around your home
  • One-third less drilling around your home


Because it uses less water and requires less drilling and equipment use than other liquid termiticides, Termidor HE Copack can leave a much smaller environmental footprint. The reduction in water use, fuel use, and vehicle exhaust emissions can really add up when you consider that nearly one million termite applications are performed each year.

This is important to the local area as all of the Treasure Coast including Palm City, Stuart and Port St. Lucie waterways are affected by runoff.

So Advanced it’s in a Class by Itself

Termidor HE Copack represents the latest innovation in the termite control industry. No other termiticide in existence is approved for application using as little water, trenching, and drilling as Termidor HE Copack.

We provide termite prevention in Palm City. We also give our 10 year pledge for termite prevention in Stuart. We also offer our $1M insurance policy for termite extermination in Port St. Lucie


$1,000,000 Damage Guarantee


We are extremely confident in our treatment techniques. We offer a Million dollar damage repair and retreat guarantee, which is renewable each year at a fixed rate for the lifetime of the agreement. If the termites come back we will cover damage up to $1,000,000.00 and retreat structure at no charge.

*Not all home treatments qualify. Read contract for details.

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The identification of termite populations in the prevention of termite breeding could help to save your home. Termites that have invaded a structure can cause a wide range of structural issues as well as carry a wide range of other damage.


We have many years of success in treating a wide range of termite problems across Florida. We specialize in no-tent treatment which is safer for pets and perfect for preventing re-infestation. Our canine service with termite prevention solutions will help to protect your property for the future and ensure a 100% control. Tenting does not always solve the problem and it can often require the use of deadly chemicals in the process.

We want to make sure that we can rid your home of these wood destroying insects before they cause excess damage to the interior of your home.

Contact us today for termite prevention solutions in Florida. You can also find Hannan Environmental Services on Facebook.

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This is accomplished by Hannan going above and beyond for  our customers. Coupled with ensuring that our skills, efficiency, and know-how is second to none in the pest services industry.

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